What Customers are Saying About Pawpals® Paw Print Mold

   Taking Paw Impressions is Easy with Pawpals®

See What Customers Are Saying About Pawpals® Paw Print Mold

Veterinarians across the country use Pawpals® to build stronger relationships with their clients. Pet owners everywhere love Pawpals®, sending messages of appreciation to their vets for the heartfelt keepsake:

"Thank you for the beautiful paw print. It was a wonderful surprise to us and an incredible detail on your part. We will cherish it forever."

"After 10 years with our fur baby, we had to say goodbye just days before her 14th birthday. Thank you for assisting us with being able to bring her back home. The wooden urn and paw print are absolutely beautiful!"

"After 9 years of love, our sweet boy Thunder crossed the rainbow bridge. We received his cremains in a beautiful wooden urn with an engraved plaque and an impression of his paw print. The paw print and remains allow us to keep him forever in our hearts, as he is sorely missed."

Veterinarians Love the Ease of Pawpals® Paw Print Mold

"I will never go back to clay paw prints after implementing Pawpals® into our practice – the simplicity and ease of use is incredible. My techs are thanking me daily for not having to spend all the time in the back kneading and rolling the clay and all the re-do's as the paw print impression didn't come out right. Thank you for creating this unique tool for our clients!"

"We absolutely love Pawpals®, we used it for the first time on a special client of ours – it actually brought tears to everybody's eyes as it was so beautiful. The clients couldn't wait to go home and place their special picture of their fur baby. It was such an easy transition from the clay. Thank you!"
Pet Emergency Clinic

"I really like Pawpals®, as I have an in-home euthanasia start up business and I give my clients a paw print of their pet immediately after euthanasia. It is so well received and appreciated. Because I am a start up, I am not going through them very fast and am so glad they don't have an expiration date. They are definitely an integral part of my business plan, as I would not have been able to offer the clay. Thank you!"
C. B., DVM

"Clients really appreciate Pawpals® and they add extra compassion to our team. Thank you so much."
Dr. W., Bluegrass Animal Clinic

"My staff LOVES them! Where we are a beach community, it's just like impressions in the sand! After using clay for many years, I'll never go back. So quick and easy!"
Dr. G., Hampstead Animal Hospital

PawPals are an absolute gift to pet owners and veterinary professionals. As a veterinarian, this product not only saves me time, but most importantly the stress of worrying whether an owner will like the pawprint impression, which was a concern with traditional clay-based products. Each pawprint impression comes out perfectly on the first attempt and free of dirt, fur and other debris. I have never seen owners as pleased with a keepsake item as each of them have been with PawPals. There is the added bonus that each PawPals holds a photo. It is so wonderful to be able to offer an item that families can truly cherish forever. From a client's perspective, there is no awkward moment for them to watch me mold clay in their home. There is also no need for the owner to have to take the time to bake the item. Many fond memories that owners have with their pet include hikes and sometimes walks on the beach. When I describe that PawPals makes it look as if their pet was enjoying a stroll on the beach, they absolutely love it. Lastly, the PawPals is the most durable product that I have ever used to make pawprint impressions. My own pet's clay pawprints have unfortunately broken on me from very little pressure. I carry my PawPals sample with me in my medical bag at all times and it has not changed its form in the slightest. Truly an amazing product.
Dr. A. T., DVM, CHPV, Comforted Companions

Watch our video to see how easy it is to take a pet's paw print impression with a Pawpals® kit